About Us
About Us
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   My vision is to maintain excellent temperament, colorations
and size of my dogs. Maintaining tough Breed standards and
expectations.  While investing in Expensive Testing for
Genetic Diseases & Hip and Elbow Dysplasia.    
   I got my First Mastiff because I was having a problem with
people breaking into my house and vandalizing it. I later got a
BullMastiff to be his companion. They made a good team.
While providing a new level of security around the house.
Pretty soon all the kids friends had fallen in Love with them
coming here to play with them. I soon learned I could take
them anywhere without fear of them doing something I didn't
want them to do.  I knew they would protect my kids if they
were threatened without going off half chocked.
    I got into Breeding after spending four years trying to find
another dog with the same qualities as my last dog
Tanker(English Mastiff). My kids have two of his and Tinkers
(BullMastiff) daughters (Jazz & Daisy).   I found out you can't
find dogs with their qualities very easily. And after having
several people ask me to breed my dogs because they could
not find ones with the same qualities either, I decided I would
try my hand at it and do my best to improve the breed.