Mark's Mastiffs
AKC English Mastiffs
I believe the Mastiff is the best family dog there is. They are so
Loving and intelligent you'll find yourself surprised almost
daily. So gentle that kids just love them. Yet their size and
nature project shear power. They seek to be real people
 They are excellent swimmers. I have a harness I put on Tank
and tell him to go get my son(200lbs.+) out of the Cloquet
River and he would swim out and my son would grab a hold
of the harness and have the dog pull him out.
BullMastiff/English Mastiff Cross
These dogs have greater endurance & a higher activity level.
They are great for long walks or going out for a jog. They are
great swimmers like the Mastiff. Like the Mastiff they make
great family dogs, loyal to the end. A real favorite for people
that used to have Rottweilers because they faster, tougher &
bigger (over 120lbs & 26 inches high for females) Some
Males over 34" high & 180lbs+. Plus they are not a insurance
liability having an excellent temperment.  See Jazz & Daisy
below. They also have the natural ability to scent out & hunt.
Home Page
Welcome to Mark's Mastiffs
I raise both AKC English Mastiffs & a BullMastiff/ English
Mastiff Cross. Both have excellent temperments. I decided to
get into breeding because I believe in Bettering the Breed and
I would like to share my Love for this Noble Breed. It is a
wonderful Breed I wish more people had the opportunity to
experience. They are great companions. Their only
requirements are a Loving Family and space to Play. Mine
even go with me on Canoe trips.
The Giants of Large dogs.
Tess & Jazz
Katy w/ Daisy & Jazz
Cody w/ Tess
Cody w/ Liberty & Tess
Katy w/ Libby
Dozer one of Daisy's pups
Tess w/ some pups next to scale
(Tess weights 168 lbs.)
Tess & Jazz enjoying the shade
katy w/ Libby, Jazz & Daisy
Roxie taking a break